About Us

Learn how we started our company

I am an avid golfer who continuously ran into booking issues at my local Country Club. With 550 members at the Club, scheduling tee times when I wanted to golf became near impossible – especially on the weekends. The frustration of not being able to golf when I wanted, led me to develop this technology. I now work closely with golfers around the country to customize their individual booking needs at affordable prices. I began this business in early 2021 and service over 125 clients to date. I continue to expand into new markets and clubs and look forward to building a software solution specific to your needs. As always, 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed or you don’t pay. Period.

My goal is to empower golfers to golf when they choose. Do you want to book two consecutive slots every Saturday for a scramble with a group of 8 or perhaps you are looking to secure a tee time for a group of 4 every Sunday at 7:30 am so you end just before NFL kickoff? There is no minimum or maximum for the number of requested tee times each month. After receiving the specs on your Club’s booking process, my team will design a program within a week. Once the platform is completed, simply provide a list of dates, times and group sizes and we’ll handle the rest of the booking process.

No time like now to get the process started to begin golfing when YOU want. Look forward to spending more time on the course and less time trying to schedule a tee time. Hence, my companies name of TeeTimeAnytime.golf!