It’s worth asking the question if an automated solution to booking a tee time is legal?  And the simple answer is yes.  Golf Club members pay a significant number in membership fees for the opportunity to golf.  One may also assume that with your membership fees you may be given the opportunity to golf when you want.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.  Based on your Club, priority booking may be given to the most tenured members or in most cases, available slots are filled on a first come-first serve basis, typically by an on-line booking portal.

As a member, you must book a tee time using the process the Club has developed.  Utilizing an outside service, such as is designed specifically using your member number and it follows the exact same booking process that is authorized by the Club.   So again, the step-by-step process to book a tee time is exactly the same in both scenarios; if you were to book a tee time independently or if utilizing  The difference between the two options lies strictly with the result.  With an automated solution, the process is accelerated and results into successful tee time bookings consistently. is the best kept secret to hundreds of golfers from coast to coast.  You owe it to yourself as a member of the Club to take full advantage of your membership by partnering with to enjoy not only a hassle-free booking process, but golfing at the tee times you want.  Bottom line, with you will be golfing more!